jill the groomer Jill is our resident grooming expert and with many years of experience both in Australia and overseas knows how to make your pet look and feel pampered and beautiful.

Not all dogs need to be clipped to the skin to make them feel comfortable, and there are many who need to have a trim and beauty treatment to look like the breed of dog they are. Jill has the knowledge and experience to carry out this service to the highest level of finish.

Our grooming equipment is the best available and includes two Hydrobaths, one for small dogs, the other for large ones. These have the advantage of massaging the skin and removing loose hair and dirt...also helps in eliminating fleas. They are similar in effect to a spa you might enjoy!

Once the bathing is complete the dogs are dried with a specially designed blow dryer, which quickly dries allowing the groomer to have both hands free to give that extra finish for which Jill is well known.

Clients have tried the others...but most return to the best!

dryer and baths

before and after

This is Henry...not his real name so as not to embarrass him...when he came in to be groomed. Matted, dirty and full
of small burrs...like many dogs who are cute as puppies but
grow to need regular bathing and grooming. You can do this yourself, but a professional is preferred.

After the initial clipping, bathing and grooming to make him
look like the beautiful poodle that he is, his whole demeanour changed...he is confident of his looks and has a spring in his step.

Your dog can have his looks restored to look as good. Let Jill show you how!

Not all breeds look the same...or have the same sort of coat. Some have double coats, which become thicker if clipped off in the name of being cool, these dogs should not be clipped off, rather regular baths and grooming to remove dead coat. These dogs include Border Collie and all crosses with that breed...Shelties and related collie breeds...there are many like this...ask advice from people who have had experience in grooming these breeds.



grooming silhoettes

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