cat cage



A cat flat..tiled for easy cleaning to maintain a high level of hygiene, climbing frame, window for watching the world go cat litter, fresh food and water...our cats enjoy fresh meat...kangaroo and heart. Special needs catered for. Cats on a veterinary diet bring their own.

Cats have individual flats with climbing trees, beds to climb in...or sit on. Each inside run is 1m x 6m...with ledges to climb up and watch the world go by.

black cat






'Uncle' owns the place...and lays down the ground rules for everybody! He was a rescue destined to be put joined Rye Park as the resident gent in residence! Enjoys life and has his favourite guests, whom he treats with great respect.



Our rose covered Cattery Lounge. All cats have the opportunity to bask in the sun in a safe enclosed outside patio. Time to observe the outside world...and catch a bird...occasionally...not encouraged!

cat lounge

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